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About Winesburg, Ohio, Anderson wrote to a Methodist minister who had labeled the book a "burlesque:"

   The book is, of course, in no sense a burlesque, but it is an effort to treat the lives of simple, ordinary people in an American middle western town with sympathy and understanding.... Certainly, I did not write to make fun of these people or to make them ridiculous or ugly... [they are] people I personally would be glad to spend my life with.

Winesburg, Ohio (1919) is Sherwood Anderson's masterpiece, a cycle of short stories concerning life in a small midwestern town at the end of the nineteenth century. At the center is George Willard, a young reporter who becomes the confidant of the town's solitary figures.

Chapter Titles

  • The Book of the Grotesque

  • Hands

  • Paper Pills

  • Mother

  • The Philosopher

  • Nobody Knows

  • Godliness (Parts I-IV)

  • Surrender

  • Terror

  • A Man of Ideas

  • Adventure

  • Respectability

  • The Thinker

  • Tandy

  • The Strength of God

  • The Teacher

  • Loneliness

  • An Awakening

  • Queer

  • The Untold Lie

  • Drink

  • Death

  • Sophistication

  • Departure

Winesburg, Ohio: Tales of Ohio Small Town Life